Our Team

Ryan Grassie

Founder / Team Leader

Ryan is the “force” behind ForceFive. It’s his passion and vision that guides our team to make sure that our clients succeed – and thrive on the Web. With more than 12 years of success in the online marketing industry, Ryan is adept at the latest technologies and trends – from best practices in website design to SEO services. He continually changes the way the Internet can be used to create efficiencies, save costs, and drive sales for his clients. Being an entrepreneur he fully understands the concept of accountable marketing and ROI. Ryan has an advanced Information Systems diploma from Algonquin College as well as a degree in marketing from The University of British Columbia. He has the rare skill set to be able to talk in sales and marketing dollars and to also understand how the technology actually works.

Doug Adams

Chief Word Guy/ Project Lead

Doug has a way with words – in fact, that’s his job. For twenty years plus, Doug has been telling stories and crafting brand messages for more effective, impactful, and measurable results. His background includes developing and fostering brands from the ground floor to national prominence. Based in the States, Doug has worked with prominent brands in from New York City to Los Angeles, as well as Canada. Doug’s PR efforts have resulted in appearances in hundreds of publications and television outlets across the nation, including The New York Times, MSNBC, USA Today, and ESPN. An entrepreneur at heart, Doug is a driven professional – ready to make a difference for your business today.

Kyle Barber

Senior Designer / Developer

The creative genius behind the scenes at ForceFive, Kyle Barber has been designing and building websites for more than 5 years. As the lead designer and programmer, Kyle is tasked with the most challenging projects, helping ForceFive deliver innovative, cost-effective solutions for our clients. Kyle is a graduate of Algonquin College.

Danika G

Graphic / Web Designer

Danika is a graphic design graduate from Algonquin College that joined ForceFive in 2013. Danika has a passion for design that pushes her to always try and learn something new. She loves the fact that she can tell people that “I love what I do,” and it is evident in her work.

Jessica Filoso

Jessica graduated from the journalism program at the University of King’s College where she focused on web design and digital content. She has since been working in the digital marketing field and loves helping brands create an online presence through web design, social media, online advertising and analytics.