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  • Web Design Trend Predictions for 2016

    Rich Graphic Text: The websites of 2016 should see a lot of creative use of text that is comprised of lots of images, textures and different patterns. Typography and creative fonts […]

  • Are you Google Mobile Friendly?

    Google’s new mobile friendly ranking algorithm will be launching on April 21st. But how do you know if your website qualifies to benefit from the rollout? We do know that this algorithm will be much larger in impact compared […]

  • Why Use WordPress For Your Business Website?

    WordPress was originally designed as a platform for blogging but since then it has grown into an enterprise level CMS system. With a some modification it can be used to run […]

  • Web Design Trends for 2015

    While these styles have been around for a few years, these are some happening trends in graphic and web design for 2015 that we think will only get stronger this year. […]

  • Top Blogging SEO Tips

    Focus on Long-Tail Keywords – Not Generic Ones. When writing content for your blog or corporate site, it is very important not to jam a ton of keywords into a single blog […]